What Bluebell Publications is About


Writing is a fascinating pastime both ones which link to work such as hypnotherapy as well as fiction both short stories and books. I  belong to Dean Writers Circle where we write short stories read them to the group.

SomeL019366feledw004 - Copy folk are natural entrepreneurs, they see an opportunity and step out into the unknown with a burning desire to succeed. That vision always burns brightly ahead of them. Allowing them to survive the vicissitudes that are inevitable in any new venture.   Some prefer a humdrum life but life has other ideas. They are thrust into the limelight and succeed. There are others who know that business is their way. They work hard to achieve their ends. I fit none of these business models. I like writing and in 2012, after many years of writing short stories as well as books I decided to self-publish The Spider King.

Easy you think? No, first I went on a course to learn how to load my precious manuscript onto Kindle as an eBook. Thanks to the patient help of my lecturers I managed it, but not until I also had help from my son who suggested the right people to design the front cover for both the eBook and the paperback. All sounds straightforward, but in the process of uploading the book, you have to say who the publisher is. What?   Then a bright idea sprang into being. As I am fortunate to live in the most beautiful part of the UK, and we have a well-kept secret. In April/May the Bluebell display is the best anywhere, so why not Bluebell publications? So the business came into being, very quietly with no fanfare or welcome.

It served me well when I wanted to upload the next book, The Story Teller Gene.   Then I  needed to expand. There are so many stories whizzing around my head. The Mouse Prince is the sequel to The Spider King. In July 2018 the next book in the series The Lost Princess became an ebook and a paperback. The last in the series, The Quartet of Innocence, Alliances is finished. They are all getting new matching covers, and the launch date is mid-September.

There are several other books in the pipeline too, sequels to the ones mentioned above. As well as ones dealing with problems such as bedwetting see Pterry Tighty the Pterodactyl and Tessa Tighty the Bladder Dragon and bullying in children see Brave Bertie Bunny beats the Bully. For these latter ones, I have painted the illustrations. They are intended for use as hypnotherapy scripts. As well as the little book, there is an MP3 download for each problem. As Bluebell Publishers has to work for me, not the other way around this web page came into being. Now there is an outlet, a way to let the wider world know of the presence of a new business on the block.

A stand-alone The Story Teller Gene deals with a gene from the murky legends of Atlantis through various historical periods ending with Hiroshima. Each chapter highlights the gene in a different life, but that has driven me to look at books rather than chapters. A story set in paleolithic times about 34000 years ago is proving very exciting.